We've heard it all before. The need for clean water is a global issue, and not enough is being done to change it.


    Water statistics are shocking, and news headlines of people dying around the world due to waterborne illnesses are horrifying.


    Bringing bottled water to natural disaster areas and sub-economic countries is literally... a waste. The empty bottles litter the streets and waterways, and after the water is gone, what happens next?


    Shipping thousands of water bottles to underdeveloped countries and disaster relief areas also incur exorbitant costs, and plastic is far from earth friendly.


    Solar powered water purification systems are easier and more cost effective to transport, last for years, and there is no need for electricity to properly purify water to a safe drinking level. This is why our foundation has chosen to use these systems.



    Water is a problem. You need it to live, but it could easily kill you. Natural water, even if not soiled by human contact, can be swimming with an untold number of murderous micro-organisms.


    Common waterborne illnesses have been causing problems for humanity for centuries. Diseases like botulism, cholera, E-coli, Legionnaires' disease, Hepatitis A, SARS and more flood the waters and still ravage third world countries.

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